Guess the Millennium Answers and Cheats

Our Guess the Millennium answers, cheats, tips, and guides will help you get past that level you’re stuck on and successfully answer all 200 questions of Guess the Millennium for Android! If you’re old enough to reminisce about the 2000s and have been begging for an outlet to do so, Guess the Millennium is the best new app for testing your knowledge on the everything from year 2000 to the present.

Guess the Millennium Levels:

guess the millennium categories
Guess the Millennium Categories

guess the millennium levels 1-10
Levels 1-10

guess the millennium levels 11-20
Levels 11-20

So much has already happened during the 2000s that it’s hard to keep it all straight. There have been so many new technologies, devices, fashions, and bizarre phenomena that it’s hard to look back at the last 14 years with anything other than pure nostalgia. Even though every day we’re still discovering new apps, celebrities, and worldwide sensations, we love to look even a couple years back and see what’s changed, and Guess the Millennium is the perfect way to review everything that’s happened.

Guess the Millennium is a basic quiz game by Random Logic Games, the same developer that made popular iOS and Android games like Guess the 90s and Guess the 80s. It is available for Android devices as a free download, although there are in-app purchases you can use to help you beat the game. Guess the 90s is a trivia game that gives you a picture of a person, icon, product, and many categories that are related to the 2000s. You must guess the answer by using a jumble of letters and placing them in order to reveal the name.

If you get stuck coming up with an answer, you have the option of using hints. These cost coins, which you can earn by guessing answers or you can purchase as in-app purchases. Hints are useful if you have the answer on the tip of your tongue since they can reveal a letter you’ll need or eliminate one you don’t. And if you still can’t come up with an answer, we have all the Guess the Millennium answers you’ll need to complete all 20 levels.